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Service Overview
How does Pik Pak work?
  Pik Pak is an on demand warehousing and distribution solution. To use Pik Paks services all you need to do is open an account and send us your products.

So long as you have credit in your account you can receive, store and ship your products with Pik Pak.
How do I get credit ?
  To credit your account or "recharge" you can simply purchase a plan, customise your own plan or recharge an existing account with any amount of credit you would like. You don't need to sign a long term contract or lease for a facility.
How do I choose a plan?
  All Pik Pak plans are designed to give you more value for money in a simple format. To choose a plan there are three(3) things you need to consider;
  1. How many cubic metres do I want to store ?
  2. How many Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) do I want to store ?
  3. How many transactions per month would I like ?
You can select our "help me choose" category or you can choose "custom plan" category to design a plan that's best for you.
How long will credit take to show on my account ?
  Depending on the method you choose to pay, your account will be credited on the same day as Pik Pak confirms receipt of funds. You should always check with your financial institution for how long transfers normally take.
How much credit do I need ?
  You can maintain as much credit as you feel comfortable with. You can estimate how much credit you need by checking how many transactions you require, how many cubic metres of storage you require and how many Stock Keeping Units (SKU) you would like to hold.
Pik Pak will process your transactions within your credit balance. Pik Pak will notify you if your credit is low and when it reaches zero, additionally you can check your credit by logging into your account.
What is a SKU ?
  A Stock Keeping Unit or SKU is a unique product item that you require for inventory management purposes. For example if you have two (2) shirts and you sell each of them in three (3) different sizes, then you would have 2 x 3 = 6 SKUs. Only SKUs that actually have physical inventory are counted in your monthly usage allowance, so you can create SKUs before you receive them without using up your allowance.
Can anyone use Pik Pak ?
  Only Australian residents (over 18) and registered business can use Pik Pak. For security and safety reasons, you must have a valid account with Pik Pak.
Pik Pak does not allow dangerous goods, prohibited or any illegal items in our network.
If you are unsure if an item is suited to Pik Paks network you should check your service agreement or speak to a Pik Pak account manager.

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