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Pick and pack order fulfilment for small business.

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Pik Pak does the hard work for you


you send us Products


your customers order online


pik pak ships orders for you

Let us do the hard work

Our core pick and pack service is warehousing and order fulfilment however, we also compliment this with customer delivery, freight forwarding, supply chain consultancy and web based information technology (IT) solutions.
Pik Pak is a web based solution so you donít need to install any software or buy hardware. You can access our services 24/7 from anywhere via the internet.

Itís Simple

Pik Pak Logistics pick and pack services are designed for small Ė medium sized business, online merchants and EBay users. Itís so simple and easy to use. You can do it yourself or ask one of our experts to help you get started.

  • You send us your products and we store them for you
  • Your customers place orders via the internet.
  • We pick pack and ship your products directly to your customers.
  • Your customer receives your products.

You donít need to worry about managing a warehouse, staff, carriers, computer systems or equipment. You can focus on your business and customers.

The overall cost of using Pik Pak web based pick and pack service is much lower than the cost of trying to perform this function in-house and much more simple.

Our Service

Storage and Warehousing

Pik Pak provides pick and pack warehousing storage throughout Australasia. You can store your product in any warehouse on our network. Our web based computer system allows you to enter your product details and then we can receive, store and ship these for you.

You can enter your customer orders directly, upload from your website or even allow your customers to enter orders themselves. At anytime you can see how much inventory you have, check the status of orders, schedule purchase orders for receipt or sales orders for delivery.

Pik Pak can also assist with more complex order fulfilment tasks like kitting assembly, gift wrapping, bar-coding or scan packing. For complete range of warehousing and fulfilment services click here.

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Transport Freight and Distribution

Pik Pak also provides a fully managed distribution and freight solution for Pik Pak warehousing clients and members. Pik Pak consolidated buying power allows us to negotiate great rates for our warehouse users

Pik Pak users enjoy the benefit of the lowest rates in the industry so they save money. Additionally, users have the option to choose ftrom a huge range of carrier services to meet their needs. From long distance bulk linehaul to time critical local couriers.

Pik Pak can customise freight solutions to fit your distribution needs. For more details on Freight Management

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Professional Service and Supply Chain Consulting

Pik Pak Professional Services (Pik Pak Pro) provides business solutions for complex logistics and supply chain challenges.

Pik Pak combines first hand industry experience with advanced software tools to deliver solutions to complex or large business challenges. We support senior business executives, third party logistics (3PL) providers, supply chain recruitment firms and large multinationals with in-house operations.

Pik Pak has a huge range of templates, specialised software tools and industry information on hand. We can present you with the facts and support your decision making, analysis or solution development very quickly. To read more about Professional Services

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IT Solutions and Web Services

Pik Pak specialises in web based logistics solutions. From our web based Warehouse Management System (WMS) to our online product catalogues our customers can display their products on the web, take orders, accept payment and arrange delivery directly to customers.

Pik Pak is the first and only web based pick and pack provider in Australia.

Pik Pak uses the web and the latest web based technology to deliver services that would normally only be available to big corporations, who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now small business owners can deliver high quality pick and pack services, using secure and trusted technology.
To understand the benefits of e-commerce and using the web,

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How does it work ?

Become a Pik Pak Member

To access Pik Pak service you must be a member. Membership is FREE for Australian companies or residents. Once you are a member you will have access to all our member services including warehousing and discount freight. To become a member click here and follow the prompts, alternatively contact us and we will complete your membership application for you.

Member Services

Pik Pak Logistics specialises in pick and pack warehousing for small Ė medium players, online merchants and EBay sellers. However, Pik Pak also offers a full suite of logistics services to add value for our members. Member services include distribution freight services, web store IT services, and professional consultancy services.

Warehousing Services

As a member you have access to all of Pik Pak Logistics services. You will automatically get free access to our warehouse demonstration system for 14 days. During this time you can create your products in the system and perform ďtestĒ transactions at no cost. At anytime during the 14 days, you may opt to either (1) end your membership, or (2) ďgo liveĒ.

More information

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FREE Demonstration

To arrange a free demonstration just contact us and we will give you 14 days access to our demo system.

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