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Warehousing & Distribution Services: Pick and Pack

Warehousing storage and order “pick and pack”.

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Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

Pik Pak Fulfilment offers 3rd party pick and pack warehousing services designed for small – medium sized business, online merchants and EBay users.

Pik Pak leads the market in providing “on demand” warehouse solutions. “On demand” means our service is available to our customers when they need it. From small pick and pack operations to multi distribution centre (DC) networks Pik Pak provides the flexibility, scale and reliability to deliver warehouse solutions as and when you need them.

Our web based system allows our users to access the full range of order fulfilment warehousing services 24/7 without having to install any software, buy any hardware, schedule maintenance or sign long term contracts. Warehousing services from receipt, storage, kitting assembly, order pick and pack, EDI scan packing and much more.

Pik Pak Fulfilment allows users to manage their product distribution and customer delivery without having to invest in warehouse technology or employing specialised labour. Pik Pak manages all this for users so they can benefit from our service, at rates that would normally only be accessible to large multinationals and corporations.

The overall cost of using Pik Pak on demand service is much lower than the cost of trying to perform this function in-house.

Warehousing Storage and Order “pick and pack”
Warehousing Storage and Order

Pik Pak warehousing services includes a comprehensive range of services from inbound to outbound thus allowing users to customise how they want to handle and add value to their products.


  • Unloading (container or vehicle unpacking, loose or palletised)
  • Receiving inventory (check and receipt)
  • Put away into storage (stretch wrap and put away)


  • Order pick and pack (inner carton, full carton or pallet picking)
  • Packaging and freight labelling
  • Despatch and vehicle loading
Value Adding Warehouse Services

To ensure our standard warehouse pick and pack service prices are competitive Pik Pak uses the most efficient handling method. However, often users may want to utilise value added services from time to time.


  • Kitting and assembly
  • Labels and bar-coding
  • Specialised packaging
  • Security and price tagging
  • EDI Scan packing
  • Retail ready and planograms
bar code


  • Integrated freight and distribution
  • Regional SE Asia warehouse network
  • International customs clearance
  • Insurance and Risk protection
Information Technology (IT)

Pik Pak uses one of the most robust and flexible Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) available. It allows Pik Pak to share information over the web with customers, operations and our partners. Pik Pak users don’t have to spend money on software, hardware or building expensive interfaces.

Apart from the low cost the other major benefit is that it is very easy to use and is supported 24/7.

Contact us anytime to find out more. Email us anytime or call during business hours +613 9416 1687

How does it work ?

Become a Pik Pak Member
Become a Pik Pak Member

To access Pik Pak service you must be a member. Membership is FREE for Australian companies or residents. Once you are a member you will have access to all our member services including warehousing and discount freight. To become a member click here and follow the prompts, alternatively contact us and we will complete your membership application for you.

Member Services

Pik Pak Logistics specialises in pick and pack warehousing for small – medium players, online merchants and EBay sellers. However, Pik Pak also offers a full suite of logistics services to add value for our members. Member services include distribution freight services, web store IT services, and professional consultancy services.

Member Services
Professional services
Warehousing Services

As a member you have access to all of Pik Pak Logistics services. You will automatically get free access to our warehouse demonstration system for 14 days. During this time you can create your products in the system and perform “test” transactions at no cost. At anytime during the 14 days, you may opt to either (1) end your membership, or (2) “go live”.

Ready, Set “Go Live”

If you choose to “go live” we will assign you an account manager. Your account manager will contact you and help you get set up so you can start receiving products into our warehouse(s) and shipping orders to your customers.

Member Services
Professional services
24/7 Account Manager

Your account manager is one of the most important features of Pik Pak service. Your account manager is experienced in our system and knows how to get the most out of it for you. Your account manager also works with our operations and is familiar with our complete range of member services.

You can contact your account manager 24/7 via email at Your account users have unlimited use of Pik Pak 24/7 email support.

Only Use What You Need

If at anytime you need to access any of our member services (eg. kitting, express freight etc..) you can simply contact your account manager or notify us and we will arrange for them to be made available for you.

To customise your delivery service, call us today or send an email to

Member Services

Pick and Pack Warehousing Distribution Services

PICK AND PACK WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION SERVICES is the emerging leader in warehousing and distribution companies and considered to be the best among its competition. We offer a wide range of inbound as well as outbound warehousing services that can be customized to offer the best value for money for our customers. These services are-

Inbound services

  • Unloading (container or vehicle unpacking, loose or palletized)
  • Receiving inventory (check and receipt)
  • Put away into storage (stretch wrap and put away)

Outbound services

  • Order pick and pack (inner carton, full carton, or pallet picking)
  • Packaging and freight labeling
  • Despatch and vehicle loading

We aim to offer efficient services at a minimum cost.

Pick and Pack Warehousing Service

Pick and pack Fulfillment service is among the best in the industry. We act as a command center for all your order preparation and shipping needs. Also, we offer space to store the inventory. We allow our customers to deliver fast and affordable shipping to a large customer base, especially in the case of e-commerce companies.


  • Expertise- We bring to the table the required expertise to receive, manage the inventory, order processing, and shipping. If you do everything yourself, it might take more time and in some cases, even more, cost. You will likely have to hire a whole team and then spend time in their management. Instead, trust the experts.
  • Focus on core competence- Once you have hired the fulfillment services, instead of focussing your time and efforts on the management of the team and costs of hiring a warehouse, you can focus on what you do best and optimize your business instead.
  • Speed- Once the experts, PICK AND PACK WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION SERVICES are hired, you automatically attain speed in your warehousing operations. And the whole process is readily optimized.
  • Hassle free-If you hire a warehouse yourself it usually is a full-time commitment. The use of PICK AND PACK WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION SERVICES means, we cover you during your slow or growth period by adjusting costs according to your needs.

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution are related services offered by PICK AND PACK WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION SERVICES. But there are some differences- A warehouse is used for storing the goods for a given time, Distribution center offers other value-added services such as packaging product mixing, cross-docking, etc.

  • A warehouse can handle B2B customers as well as B2C customers, DIstribution centers on the other hand generally serve the B2B customers.
  • The role of the warehouse is to provide efficient storage for the goods, Distribution centers focus on efficient customer satisfaction.
  • Warehouses don’t usually serve outside customers, which is not the case with distribution centers.
  • The distribution center has usually more complex operations than the warehouses.
  • A warehouse generally stores the goods for a much longer duration than that of the distribution centers.
  • You can choose between both the services keeping in mind your needs and choosing service suitable to you. Generally, the major consideration factor for choosing between both is if you need short term or long term storage.

What are warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment?

A warehouse is a generally large building to store goods till they need to be shifted or delivered. And warehousing is the scientific process to properly store the goods and make them available easily and without any delay when needed.

The distribution center is a building or facility which is used for receiving the goods, storing them, and then their distribution according to the received orders.

Fulfillment Centers are also used to store goods until they are needed elsewhere. They are essentially the warehouse, the difference lies in the types of customers they serve, which is E-commerce or Business to Customer. Also, the inventory ships in on pallets but goes out parcel-wise. The fulfillment center is used to process the order in the least amount of time possible. Also, the inventory in the fulfillment center remains there for only a few months and not long term, unlike a warehouse.

All the three services of the supply chain management are offered by PICK AND PACK WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION SERVICES at great prices.

What are the components of warehousing and distribution center costs?

The major components of warehousing and distribution costs are-

  • Receiving costs- Receiving costs are costs of receiving the goods into the warehouse and can be charged per pallet or unit or carton or on an hourly basis. Sometimes, it can be charged per shipment.
  • Inventory storage costs- This is a cost that is incurred on the goods while they are at the facility. They are usually charged weekly or monthly depending on the unit of measurement.
  • Pick and pack or fulfillment charges- These are the charges for picking, packing, and shipping the items. They are usually charged per item.
  • Kitting costs- Kitting costs are incurred when any special projects are performed on the shipment. For example, assembling, re-labeling, re-ticketing, etc.

All your warehousing needs can now be fulfilled by PICK AND PACK WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION SERVICES.

How does a distribution warehouse work?

A distribution warehouse works to quickly process the orders by picking, packing, and shipping packages to your customers effectively. The process followed is-

  • Receiving and storing the inventory- The inventory is received, delivered, and unloaded and the storage space is optimized.
  • Picking and packing- Similar orders are generally stacked in the same area. This results in an efficient workflow. Then inventory is picked and scanned. And then the required packing takes place.
  • Restocking- Inventory replenishment happens according to on-time ordering and proper forecasting.
  • Returns Management-If there are any fairly common returns, they need to be managed properly and efficiently.

Your warehousing needs can now be fulfilled by PICK AND PACK WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION SERVICES.

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