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Consultancy, supply chain modelling and tender responses.

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Professional Services

Pik Pak Professional Services (Pik Pak Pro) provides business solutions for complex logistics and supply chain challenges. Many companies will rarely have the skills or specialised tools available within their companiesí pool of resources to take on these types of challenges. However, finding solutions to complex logistics and supply chain challenges is our core business.

Organisations donít need to have an ongoing commitment to a fixed cost labour overhead, specialised skills or software. Instead they can use Pik Pak Professional Services for short term and specialised requirements to get results quickly

Pik Pak combines first hand industry experience with advanced software tools to deliver solutions to complex or large business challenges. We support senior business executives, third party logistics (3PL) providers, supply chain recruitment firms and large multinationals with in-house operations.

Pik Pak has a huge range of templates, specialised software tools and industry information on hand. We can present you with the facts and support your decision making, analysis or solution development very quickly.

The overall cost of using Pik Pak on demand service is much lower than the cost of trying to perform this function in-house. To download our Professional Services media kit please click here.

Professional Services and Executive Support
Professional Services and Executive Support

Pik Pak Professional Services provide executive support in the form of contract labour for short term, project or contingent requirements. These will often include logistics analysis, project management or technical implementations. Engagement is typically at senior levels with various stakeholders and a broader commercial focus.


  • Project Management and Implementations
  • Tender Response and Account Retention
  • Key Account Management and Contract Reviews
Third Party Logistics (3PL) Design and Analysis Services

The Third Party Logistics industry in Australia is heavily focussed on contract logistics and transport. Pik Pak will often support new business tendering, established business account management or renewal of existing contracts. The Pik Pak professional will liaise with Business Development and Senior Business Managers to deliver tangible outcomes under a definite timeline.


  • Supply Chain Modelling
  • Vehicle Routing and Fleet Optimisation
  • Warehouse Design and Cost Modelling
Design & Analysis Services
Logistics Cost Reduction, Tendering and Service Optimisation
Tendering & Service Optimisation

Many business with in-house operations or partially outsourced logistics are always looking for cost saving opportunities. Pik Pak can assist with your outsourcing or cost reduction to ensure you maximise your customer service. We have a proven record for reducing cost and enhancing service because we know the 3PL market and our relationships will help you get fast results.


  • Warehousing and Transport Cost Reduction
  • Rate Negotiations
  • Benchmarking and Supplier Review
  • Outsourcing and Tendering


  • Contract Labour
  • Project Management
  • Process Engineering

To find out how Pik Pak Professional Services can reduce your costs, email us anytime or call during business hours +613 9416 1687

How does it work ?

Become a Pik Pak Member
Become a Pik Pak Member

To access Pik Pak service you must be a member. Membership is FREE for Australian companies or residents. Once you are a member you will have access to all our member services including pick and pack warehousing and discount freight. To become a member click here and follow the prompts, alternatively contact us and we will complete your membership application for you.

Member Services

Pik Pak Logistics specialises in pick and pack warehousing for small Ė medium players, online merchants and EBay sellers. However, Pik Pak also offers a full suite of logistics services to add value for our members. Member services include distribution freight services, web store IT services, and professional consultancy services.

Member Services
Professional services
Professional Services

As a member you have access to all of Pik Pak Logistics services. You can request Professional Services anytime by contacting us via email or call during business hours +613 9416 1687.

To benefit from cost reductions quickly, call us today or send an email to

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Information media kit
Professional Services Media Kit

To download our Professional Services media kit please click here

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