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Warehousing and Distribution Service
Where are Pik Pak services available ?
  Pik Pak currently operates in Australia, New Zealand and China. All our customers are able to receive, store and ship orders in these locations, subject to availability.
For a list of available storage locations and available storage capacity please contact your account manager or our customer service.
When can I start receiving products ?
  Once your membership has been approved it normally takes 14 business days to allocate storage space and set up storage locations for your products. As soon as this is completed you will receive notification and can start receiving products immediately. Your storage allowance is calculated from the date of receipt.
When can I start shipping products to customers ?
  You can start placing customer orders against your products as soon as they have been received and are "available" on your inventory. You can check any items' availability in the Pik Pak system 24/7 in real time.

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