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Online Sellers Rush to Save Money
Online Sellers Rush to Save Money

May experienced an increasing number of online retailers enquiring on how to remove more cost. With the price of e-commerce and associated technology falling many small businesses are re-considering their approach to e-commerce. Why? Because itís an easy way to increase sales without having to invest.

The trick is to get a web based platform that can handle customer orders without having to make a substantial investment. This is where Pik Pak Logisticsí is adding value to small business. Our system is already built and operates on a ďpay as you goĒ basis. Small business simply update customer orders into the Pik Pak web based Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the orders are picked, packed and shipped directly to consumers. There are no set up costs and our rates give small business access to competitive rates because we buy in bulk.

If youíre looking to save money on warehousing and freight contact us anytime to find out more. Email us anytime or call during business hours +613 9416 1687.
New Look Site

Pik Pak has changed the layout of our site making it easier for you to get things done. After taking on board the feedback from customers over the early part of 2009 we have learnt that users want service information to be presented in a simpler format that is easy to understand.

So we have updated our site and changed the layout so our services are presented in logical sections. Now customers can find the service they are generally looking for. Our account managers and solution experts guide them to customise and tailor solutions to their individual needs.

Contact us anytime to find out more. Email us anytime or call during business hours +613 9416 1687


Rates, rates, rates

Pik Pak latest rate update is set to turn some heads with the lowest rates in Australia. Pik Pak warehousing is scheduling massive rate reductions to small business. Yes we have been busy negotiating rates with our providers so that we can be more competitive and continue to add value.

Our new rate schedule will be published in June 2009 and customers will have the option to change over or remain on their existing rate schedules. Customers and prospects can compare with existing arrangements and plan accordingly.

To download a copy of our standard rate schedule click here or contact us today.

FREE Satchels

Refer a friend or contact to Pik Pak and receive $200 of courier satchels. All you need to do is ask them to drop your name and when they sign up you will receive a credit for $200 worth of courier satchels.

You can use them on any domestic satchels service from 500g up to 3Kg. Itís that simple. Available for May 2009 only. Speak to your account manager or contact us to find out more.

Volume Discounts

You should be rewarded for your business growth. Pik Pak rewards your growth with volumes discounts. As you do more volumes your rates will drop so you can increase your margins as you grow.

Each volume break is clearly detailed in your plan so you know when they apply. Volumes are aggregated in monthly periods so you can see how much you save at the end of the month.

To obtain the latest version of your rate schedule and volume breaks, call us today or send an email to info@PikPak.com.au .


Training Online

Pik Pak will show you how to get the most out of doing business online. If you are an existing member you can attend live demonstrations or have a custom session.

Thereís no additional cost involved all you need to do is let your account manager know and they will arrange an online session with you.

Ask for a FREE demonstration on +613 9416 1687.


Donít be confused by complex rate tables. Simply customise a rate to your business needs. Our simple rate table can be customised to fit your business. We can provide custom rates for warehousing, transport or professional services.

The aim is to get something that works for your business and is easy to understand. Donít be confused by the range of complicated rates and pricing charts that most of the big providers use. Keep it simple and speak to your account manager today for your custom rate table.

To get a custom rate schedule call us today or send us an email.

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