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Victoria Bush Fires

In response to the Victorian bushfire tragedy, Pik Pak Logistics has suspended service to effected regions. A complete list of postcodes and affected areas is available so please contact your account manager or send an email to support@PikPak.com.au.

We would like to thank all our customers in advance for their patience and understanding for any service delays to all bushfire affected areas.

Contact us anytime to find out more. Email us anytime or call during business hours +613 9416 1687.

Contract logistics fails small business

Contract logistics provides big companies with limited benefits in Australia. Having fixed costs may be OK if you have a big budget but if you are a small company looking for a customised solution then a contract logistics provider may not be the solution for you.

99% of all business with less than 1000 pallets storage requirement will benefit from outsourcing. Most of the time a service provider will be able to share costs so will achieve lower costs than an in-house solution. The problem is that most of the major third party logistics (3PL) providers are not interested or are unable to provide cost effective solutions for small business.

Pik Pak Logistics specialises in small business and short term warehousing on demand. Our web based system is designed to give small players all the benefits of outsourcing without the big business price. On demand means you donít need a long term contract you just use what you need when you need it.

Contact us anytime to find out more. Email us anytime or call during business hours +613 9416 1687


Get Going For Less

Pik Pak has just slashed our starter fee by A$300. That means it is now even bigger value for small business to outsource their warehousing. If you have ever bought any software or paid a bond for rent think back and try to remember how much it cost. With Pik Pak you donít have to install any software, or sign any long term contracts.

With reduced set up costs our small business users are saving more money while still enjoying the flexibility and choice of using an ďon demandĒ service. They have more control over their budget and have access to a broader range of services if they need them. Services like customs import clearance, EDI scan packing, ďretail readyĒ packing, discount freight and insurance. These are only available to our members who donít always use them but have them available when they need them.

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Save Online

Pik Pak Logistics is Australiaís only web based warehousing and transport provider. Using the internet to access warehousing and transport services now provides discounts across all our member services.

By becoming a Pik Pak member you have access to discount freight, insurance, import clearance, web catalogues and more. Membership is FREE but limited to Australian companies or residents only.

Member discounts are proportionate to transaction volume. So the more transactions you do the bigger discounts you will receive.

Speak to you account manager to find out more.

Cut down customer deliver time

If your customers expect fast delivery then you know how important a speedy delivery service is. Pik Pak letís you select express delivery services for each order you want shipped. You can choose from 3 delivery speeds and you can even customise which 3 delivery services you want.

Delivering to customers faster means you can offer better service than competitors and win those crucial sales. Additionally, you can complete the sale faster which means you get paid faster, saving your cash flow.

To customise your delivery service, call us today or send an email to info@PikPak.com.au.


No Software

Pik Pak Logistics has a web based service so you donít need to install any software. There are no licensing or implementation costs. You donít need to employ an IT specialist or perform any maintenance. Pik Pak service runs on state of the art web based technology. It is available 24/7 via any internet connection.

All our warehouse partners use Pik Pak system so you donít need to pay any interface costs. If you already have an accounting, inventory system or web site you can simply upload data files or automate data transfer via our Application Program Interface (API). If you already use the internet then you just use the same browser (eg. Internet Explorer) to use our system.

Ask for a FREE demonstration on +613 9416 1687.

Custom Plans

Pik Pak can customise any plan to any business. Small business can now have customised plans based on their needs. You donít need to understand complicated rates, make commitments on volume or long terms.

All our rates are based on transactions. You can do as many or little as you like. The more transactions you do the cheaper they get. Itís that simple. There are no tricks, gimmicks or hidden charges. You only pay for what you use and you can use them whenever you like.

Pik Pak Logistics core service is warehousing but we also provide a full suite of services from inbound import clearance to outbound kitting, packing and distribution services .

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