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Save Money

Pik Pak Logistics provides warehousing and transport service for small business. Because we donít have big corporate overheads you save money without having to invest large sums of capital. We consolidate our buying power so you save when you use our service.

We aim to provide our customers with flexibility, value and great service. How do we do it ? Well itís simple we let our customers use our web based system, so they update their product and customer order information whenever they like 24/7, from any location with an internet connection.

Pik Pak consolidates our buying power so all our customers enjoy the benefits of scale and get great value on freight services. All of this is kept on our secure web system and customers can view it in real time. There is no hardware to buy, no software to install, no upgrades or maintenance. You just use what you need, when you need it. Users pay as they go and only pay for what they use. There are no minimum volume requirements and no long term contracts. Itís that simple

Contact us anytime to find out more. Email us anytime or call during business hours +613 9416 1687.

Warehousing and Fulfilment

EBay users and online sellers can now store their products and have their orders shipped directly to customers. Because our service is so easy to use, our users save time and have more time to focus on growing their business and getting to know their customers.

If your business is growing you are probably finding your time is limited to spend on every aspect of your business. This is common during the start up phase or even when you are entering a new market. Everyone will tell you that your most important task is to keep your customers happy and sales growing. You donít want to be running around a warehouse, packing boxes and printing freight labels. Pik Pak web based system allows our users to just send their customer order information to us and we pick, pack and ship their products directly to their customers. They donít need to be in the warehouse because they can see everything in real time whenever they like, via a secure internet connection.

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Discount freight

All our new customers in Feb will receive a huge discount on their freight bills. Latest industry comparison shows Pik Pak has 20%-40% lower freight costs than all the major carriers. Just compare Australia Post e-parcel or TNT standard courier charges. If that is not enough then ALL Pik Pak customers who join up in Feb will also receive a further 15% off their freight bill.

Yes thatís right 15%. This is NOT a misprint. How can we do it? We have negotiated a concession on our freight costs due to the lower than forecasted price of fuel. So we are passing on this saving to new customers while we can. Have you ever heard of a petrol company giving you a discount on your fuel bill? Not likely. However, this great offer must end so donít wait for the price of fuel to rise, get in quick and save.

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Professional Solutions

Pik Pak Professional Services provides consultancy support for complicated logistics problems. With a focus on delivering results fast. Pik Pak Professional Services (Pik Pak Pro) provides business solutions for complex logistics and supply chain challenges. Many companies will rarely have the skills or specialised tools available within their companiesí pool of resources to take on these types of challenges. However, finding solutions to complex logistics and supply chain challenges is our core business.

Organisations donít need to have an ongoing commitment to a fixed cost labour overhead, specialised skills or software. Instead they can use Pik Pak Professional Services for short term and specialised requirements to get results quickly.

Pik Pak uses specialised software tools combined with real world experience to deliver solutions. Pik Pak is providing reduced rates for Australian companies to celebrate the launch of this new service.

Email us anytime or call during business hours +613 9416 1687 for professional service.

Want More Sales?

If you have a great product and want to sell, it our online sales experts can sell it for you. We have a proven track record for sales online. As EBay power sellers, our experts will list your product and maximise the sales price for you.

All you need to do is deliver the product to us or we can collect it from you. Our experts will take photos and inspect the goods to determine the quality and condition. Then they do their magic, collect the cash for you and send you the money.

Conditions apply so be sure to enquire via email info@pikpak.com.au or visit our website..


Email for FREE

All our customers now get unlimited FREE email support for their accounts. So if you are new to e-commerce you can ask questions and your account manager will answer your query. Every query is logged on our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and entered into your knowledge base.

This means you can search for answers to frequently asked questions from an ever growing list which is continually refined by our support staff. Itís all designed to make it easier for you to do business online, save time and money. We know that once you are comfortable with e-commerce you will understand the potential and make it work for your business.

Contact us to for more information on the levels of support available.

Always ON

Pik Pak system is a web based service so it is always available 24/7 via your internet connection. You donít need any software or special hardware. Our system provides a fully hosted solution for your product and customer order information. Your information is securely protected and you can even give your customers access so they place their own orders.

Your product inventory and customer order status is in real time so you know how much stock you have and which customer orders have been shipped. You can get reports when you want them or create a ďlive feedĒ onto the desktop of your computer using Google gadgets.

All you need is an internet connection and we take care of the rest.

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