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Suresh Mahkati is the President of King View Ltd starter kits and web cameras. Suresh had a great idea with an automated internet starter kit. He already had achieved regular sales through his web site and was now outgrowing the storage space in his spare room.

Due to the high volume of sales orders, he needed a partner who could interface with his web site shopping cart and let him know what orders had been shipped and how many kits he had in stock.

Suresh started employing staff to help with accounts so he needed them to understand what Purchase Orders had been delivered in order to process payment. Additionally he didnít want them to spend a lot of time reconciling different carrier freight invoices.

Pik Paks online web system gives King View Ltd real time access to inventory. Integration with his shopping cart meant that sales orders automatically flowed through to the warehouse and the shipment tracking number was posted on his web store.

Now Suresh spends most of his time in Asia developing new products and attending trade fairs where he demonstrates King View Ltd products to global buyers.

These are just some of the ways Pik Pak helps our clients get more value and provide better service.

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