E-Tailers and Part Time Workers

"I can make money in my own time"

Natalie Williams, the owner and founder of Crystal Love Shoe Company (CLSC), produces fashionable shoes and accessories. A busy mother of two, Natalie was looking to make use of her skills to follow her passion, shoes.

Natalie knew a lot of people in retail fashion and had a few sales contacts so she was able to get some orders in advance.

Natalie contacted Pik Pak through the China Fox Group, when sourcing a shoe manufacturer in Asia. Natalie wanted to have stock available for agents, sales representatives and large retail customers. Shipping everything directly from factory was working fine for small one off customers but when the business began to grow Natalie needed some help. Natalie is not a warehousing and transport specialist, her expertise is in fashion, sales and marketing.

Natalie needed a partner to help get CLSC into the large retail stores without having to invest in expensive systems or contract warehousing because things were changing so quickly. Natalie came to Pik Pak because of the flexible “pay as you go” arrangement and ability to work online in her own time until it made enough money for her to leave her job.

Now, CLSC export from Chengdu China to over 250 product lines to 46 countries around the world. Natalie is building her own fashion brand empire, doing what she loves and she is calling the shots.

These are just some of the ways Pik Pak helps our clients get more value and provide better service.

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