Starting a Pik Pak online account allows you to access our warehousing and order fulfilment service using your internet browser and your secure login.

  • create a list of Product Items (SKU) you wish to store on inventory,
  • ship product inventories to us in bulk,
  • enter your inbound PurchaseOrder details and we will receive into storage inventory,
  • view your available inventory and pending orders in real time whenever you want,
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Our Services

  • Warehousing Services

    Pik Pak Fulfilment offers 3rd party pick and pack warehousing services for small Ė medium

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  • Freight Management Services

    Pik Pak Freight Management provides fully and managed distribution and freight solution for Pik Pak

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  • Consulting Services

    Pik Pak Professional Services (Pik Pak Pro) provides business solutions for complex logistics

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  • IT Solutions

    Pik Pak Web Services is the Information Technology arm of Pik Pak. It provides online product

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Free Services

Pik Pak does the hard work for you

  • 1

    you send us Products

  • 2

    your Customers order online

  • 3

    Pik Pak ships orders for you

Warehousing, Order Fulfilment & Inventory Management Services

Let us do the hard work

Our core pick and pack service is warehousing and order fulfilment however, we also compliment this with customer delivery, freight forwarding, supply chain consultancy and web based information technology (IT) solutions.
Pik Pak is a web based solution so you donít need to install any software or buy hardware. You can access our services 24/7 from anywhere via the internet.

Itís Simple

Pik Pak Logistics pick and pack services are designed for small Ė medium sized business, online merchants and EBay users. Itís so simple and easy to use. You can do it yourself or ask one of our experts to help you get started.

  • You send us your products and we store them for you
  • Your customers place orders via the internet.
  • We pick pack and ship your products directly to your customers.
  • Your customer receives your products.

You donít need to worry about managing a warehouse, staff, carriers, computer systems or equipment. You can focus on your business and customers.

The overall cost of using Pik Pak web based pick and pack service is much lower than the cost of trying to perform this function in-house and much more simple.

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